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Press and Hair Styling

We produce washers, nuts and perforated intermediate fasteners with our Press Machines in the range of 30 and 250 tons in our facility.
In addition to these, we also perform processes such as bending, blowing, drilling and crushing the products we hit as a draft in cold forging.

Wire Drawing

We bring the raw materials we supply from Turkey and the world’s leading steel producers to the desired diameter and make them ready for production.

Large Stock Area

We keep the stocks of our customers who apply Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Kanban systems, and we deliver these products to our customers with our vehicles at any time and on any day.

Laboratory and 100% Quality Control

Diameter, length, tooth pitch, form control etc. with our high precision, camera sorting machines for 100% controlled and error-free products. We deliver 100% controlled products to our customers by removing defects such as

While producing the products with our laboratory equipment, we measure the values such as hardness, geometrical measurements, surface roughness of the products in the entrance and final processes.

Cold Forging

since 2001. bolts up to Mrden M30, from 3Mm to 250Mrn in the cold forging process. nut, rivet. We manufacture pins and screws.

Our machines are mainly 5-6 Stations, and we mainly produce special, perforated, multi-stage products. We also ship sea DIN series bolts and nuts to the world under the brand of K.P.S.
With our state-of-the-art machines, we can produce 50 million products per month. The products we produce in cold forging are mainly for the automotive industry: furniture, pen, electricity. household appliances. lighting. It is used in many sectors such as steel construction, Seren machinery.


Since 1906, we have been producing products with our increasing capacity and continuously developing track in machining automatic parts. 50 CNC lathes, CNC Milling machines in our facility. We produce a wide variety of products for our customers with our C-axis and double mirror machines.

We produce products up to 03-0200 mm diameter in our machines with our monthly capacity of 5 million pieces. In addition to these, we produce the parts that we have shaped as a draft in the cold forging process in this track, such as grooving, hole drilling, spherical making.