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KPS has been producing fasteners for 25years.

When KPS was first established, while producing various parts for automotive with the machining process, bolts, nuts, washers and special parts to many countries with its cold forming investment, manufactures and exports these products.

With its developing and growing machine park and the philosophy of continuous improvement, product diversity and constantly improving its quality. In the following years, in addition to Cold Forging machines with 5 and 6 stations, the machine park increased its production capacity with new CNC Lathe and CNC Milling machines.


Cold Forging

Since 2001. Bolt from Mm to M 30, 3Mm to 250Mrn in cold forging process. nut, rivet. We manufacture pins and screws.


50 CNC lathes, CNC Milling machines in our facility. We produce a wide variety of products for our customers with our C-axis and double mirror machines.

Press - Sheet Forming

We produce press machines, washers, nuts and perforated intermediate fasteners in the range of 30-250 tons.

Wire Drawing

We bring the raw materials we supply from the leading steel producers in Turkey and the world to the desired diameter and make them ready for production.

13000 m2 Closed Production Facility

KPS Spare Parts Bursa Bush Region Integrated 4 Facilities

KPS Spare Parts provides special production fasteners and spare parts for various sectors, primarily the automotive supply industry, with its 4 integrated facilities in the bursa bush region.

KPS has adopted the philosophy of customer satisfaction and quality with its state-of-the-art technology and wide machinery. It will continue this philosophy by producing parts for white goods, furniture, agricultural equipment and many other sectors, as well as producing parts for TIER 1 suppliers of automotive giants such as FIAT, RENAULT, TOYATA, MERSEDES, FORD.

Our Products

Vehicle Wheel Bolts

Towing Bolt

Bolt Group Products

Brake Group Bolts

Brake Group Machined Parts

Automotive Towing Nuts

Special Geometric Group

Pivot Rivets

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