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FULIT SYSTEM to supply and production problem

With the FULIT service, we undertake the supply system of fasteners for our customers. With this service, we undertake the whole process for you, from planning, purchasing, quality, warehousing, internal logistics, to the delivery of materials to the lines.

What is FULIT?

With this system we have created, our customers get rid of personnel, storage, etc. processes and provide both cost and time savings. FULIT is a Home stock, E Kanban supply solution.
We feed your lines with our own shelves and kanban boxes in the area where you will allocate us in your factory.

C Parts Are No Longer A Trouble.

Parts called “C parts” are screws, nuts, bushings, small plastic fasteners and products of this type whose value does not exceed 20€. “C parts” is absolutely indispensable for components produced in companies. The unsuitability of even one screw can prevent the assembly of a car or even an airplane. These products are very important when they have such little monetary value. Since their number and number is very high, it creates a serious problem for companies in terms of logistics and tracking.”


– A tidy warehouse
– Faster supply
-Minimum stock
-Maximum Workforce
-Instant supply
-Safety Stocks